Division 8

ABH- Specialty door hardware- www.abhmfg.com

Activair - Air-Louver and Vision Kits- www.activarcpg.com

Boccam – Wood doors and Jambs- www.boccam.com

Boston Architectural hinge- Hinges- www.bahcohinge.com

Burns- Kick-plates, pulls, flat goods- www.burnsmfg.com

Cal-Royal- Locksets, closers and exit devices- www.cal-royal.com

Chappell- Architectural Wood Doors- www.chappelldoor.net

Corrim - FRP Doors and Frames- www.corrim.org

De La Fontaine- Hollow metal doors and Frames- www.delafontaine.com

DKS Doors and Frames- Hollow metal doors and Frames- www.dksdoors.com

Don-Jo- Architectural Hardware Accessories- www.don-jo.com

Edgewater- FRP Doors and Frames- www.edgewaterfrp.com

Lambton – Architectural wood doors- www.lambtondoors.com

National Guard Products- Gasketing, Thresholds, Flat-goods- www.ngpinc.com

Oshkosh Door Company – Architectural wood doors- www.oshkoshdoor.com

PDQ- Locksets, Closers and Exit Devices- www.pdqlocks.com

Republic - Steel Doors and Frames- www.republicdoor.com

Record USA - Automatic door openers- www.record-usa.com

Security Door Controls- Electronic door access- www.sdcsecurity.com

Special-Lite – Aluminum and FRP Door Systems- www.special-lite.com

Telkee - Key management systems- www.telkee.com

Timely- Pre-finished Steel Door Frames- www.timelyframes.com

Town Steel – Architectural Door Hardware- www.townsteel.com

Trimco - Custom Door hardware- www.trimcobbw.com

Trustile - Rail and stile Doors- www.trustile.com

Zero International – Sealing Systems- www.zerointernational.com

Division 10

Bobrick- Washroom Accessories and Toilet Partitions- www.bobrick.com

Koala Kare- Infant Changing Tables- www.koalabear.com

Larsen/Excab- Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets- www.excab.com

Organized Living – Closet Organization Solutions- www.organizedliving.com

Tubular Specialties- Grab bars and Washroom Accessories- www.calltsm.com

Walker- Visual Display Surfaces, Marker boards, Tack boards-www.walkerboard.com

Division 12

Draper- Roller window shades and Projector Screens- www.draperinc.com

Jasper Desk - office furniture- www.jasperdesk.com

Jaypro Sports- Athletic Equipment, Nets, Storage solutions- www.jaypro.com

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Awards & Testimonials

Dan Barrieau;

Dan's approach to running a business is very hands on. He can often be seen in the field swinging doors or reviewing project progress. This allows him to manage client relationships and project outcomes. Dan's background in management and marketing complement Paul's skills in the field, allowing Door and Security Solutions to meet tough deadlines with top notch quality and service.

Thomas Crowe:

An industry veteran, Tom has spent over 40 years in the commercial door hardware industry. His experience working in various positions including product training instructor, domestic and international sales and marketing as well as independent sales specialist for manufacturers’  representatives makes him a perfect addition to the Door and Security team. His insight into the industry is unmatched.

Our Foundation

Meet the Team

We Proudly Represent

Paul Barrieau:

Paul's background as a packaging specialist, design engineer and municipal maintenance are the foundation of the company. The experience gained through long-term analysis of problems leads to an innovative approach to difficult tasks. Paul lives by the saying "Think outside of the box" and this approach underlies the whole business philosophy.

Since our  inception in 2012, Door and Security Solutions has experienced rapid growth catering to both our commercial and municipal clients. They like our hands on approach, the personalized service and of course, our expert installation.

Our customers look to our Value Engineering approach as a way to cut costs for projects with tight budgets. We work with the architect, construction manager and end user to achieve a balance of function and cost. Simply said, we won't sell you something you don't need.


Our experienced installation crew along with our diligent back office staff has the ability to meet tough commercial deadlines. Our connection with manufacturers enables us to promptly respond to requests or changes. If you look good, we look good. That's our goal!